our services

  • We are able to sell for an individuals, give advice and also assist individuals to find a car they love at a good price.
  • We make sure both buyer and seller are happy and no information hidden on car and also do follow ups on both parties.
  • We also assist Garages to sell cars.
  • Fica documents (Proof of address, certified copy of both licence & identity, three months bank statement and pay slip, plus admin fee wich will be refundable (not all) in case we fail to assist you get a car.
  • Please note that we only check affordability and process application to financial groups.
  • We do not sell cars without advising and giving options. 
  • we will also not sell you a car that is not in good history or in good condition.
  • we do best to make friends and families with clients by being in theor shoes.
  • we will make sure that car owner who cannot continue with car payments gets help before car is reposessed to safe him from being blacklisted, and make sure the car arrears are paid the new owner pays car two to three months in advance not forgeting to make sure car has tracker and insurance that is monitored by car owner until is paid up. 
  • Both clients will be provided with contract showing terms and condition of the agreement as well as FICA documents of both clients. 
  • Clients taking over a car will be paying for all on car (Car tracker, Car installment and car insurance)
  • We will be monitoring everytime making sure car is still in condition that we gave a new client and also having copies of payment records and services.
  • We do best to make sure both parties are at peace and happy at all times. 
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